How To Make A Drawstring Bag?

How To Make A Drawstring Bag?

Are you an avid crafter with a penchant for DIY projects? Do you wish to make something useful in your spare time? Then making a drawstring bag is the ideal project. Not only is it budget-friendly, but also one of the easiest tasks that even beginners can try. The best part – you don’t need too many materials and supplies either! With this step-by-step tutorial as your guide, you will find that making your own drawstring bag has never been easier or faster! So if crafty creations like this are right up your alley, keep reading to learn how to make your own custom drawstring bag today.

How To Make A Drawstring Bag

What is bag?

Bag is a term for an item that serves to carry items around. Bags are typically made from woven or knitted fabric, leather, plastic, paperboard, or canvas. They come in various sizes and shapes and can be used for many purposes such as carrying books, clothes, tools, groceries and other personal belongings. Bags can also be used for fashion purposes and are often decorated with patterns, embroidery, or other embellishments. They are essential items in everyday life and can be found in almost every home. In addition to personal use, bags are also common in the workplace to carry important documents and materials. The right bag can make a big difference when it comes to organization and ease of use. With so many different styles, materials, and features available, choosing the right bag can be difficult but with a little research you are sure to find one that meets your needs. No matter what type of bag you’re looking for, there’s one out there perfect for you! Nowadays, there is a wide selection of bags available in the market to help you get organized and stay fashionable. Backpacks come in many sizes and styles including wheeled ones for heavier loads, messenger bags for everyday use, laptop cases for those who need to carry their computers on the go, and even handbags that are perfect to complete any outfit. Bags are also great for travel, providing plenty of room for all your clothes and toiletries. You can find a variety of bags in different materials such as leather, canvas, and even eco-friendly fabrics like hemp or jute. With so many options available it’s easy to find the perfect bag for your lifestyle and needs. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your things organized or a stylish accessory, there is definitely a bag out there for you.

What is a drawstring bag?

A drawstring bag is a type of bag that has strings or cords at the top that can be pulled to close it up. These bags can come in many different sizes, shapes and materials such as canvas, cotton, synthetic fibers, leather and even plastic. They are often used as gym bags, school bags or even beach bags. Drawstring bags are also commonly used for promotional purposes and can be custom printed with logos or other designs. Drawstring bags are great options for those looking for a lightweight, affordable and easy to carry bag. They provide plenty of room for all your items and the drawstrings keep everything secure and safe. Plus, these bags look stylish and come in many different colors and designs. So if you’re looking for a practical and stylish bag, a drawstring bag is definitely the way to go! What are duffle bags?Duffle bags are cylindrical bags typically used for travel or adventure activities such as camping and hiking. They are usually made of waterproof materials such as canvas or nylon and have a large opening at the top for easy access. Duffle bags come in many different sizes, styles and materials to suit any need. They are great for carrying bulky items such as sports gear or clothing items and are perfect for taking on trips or heading to the gym. So if you’re looking for a bag that is both spacious and strong, a duffle bag is definitely the way to go! No matter what type of item you need to carry, there is likely a perfect bag out there for you. From drawstring bags and backpacks to duffle bags and handbags, the selection of quality bags available in stores or online makes it easy to find one.

How To Make A Drawstring Bag? 

Equipment:  – Sewing machine- Thread – Scissors – Straight pins – Iron & ironing board (optional) Materials: – Two fabric pieces for the sides of the bag, each measuring 16” x 24” – One fabric piece for the drawstring channel pieces, measuring 16” x 23” – One fabric piece for the lining, measuring 16” x 24” 


  1. Cut the Fabric Pieces: Start by cutting two identical pieces of fabric for the sides of your bag (16″ x 24″). Then cut one rectangular piece for the drawstring channel (16″ x 23″), and one piece for the lining (16″ x 24″).
  2. Prepare the Drawstring Channel Pieces: Fold both long sides of the drawstring channel piece in 1/4 inch and press with an iron. Then fold each long side in another 1/4 inch and press again. Edge stitch along each folded edge.
  3. Pin and Sew the Outside, Channel, and Lining: Align the drawstring channel piece between the two sides of the bag, right sides together. Pin them in place along the top edge. Stitch around the pinned edges with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Then repeat this process for both lining pieces so that you have one bag and one lining.
  4. Assemble the Drawstring Bag Sides: Pin the two bag pieces together along the sides, right sides together. Stitch around with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
  5. Cut Out the Corners to Make a Boxed Bottom: Turn the bag right side out and flatten out all four corners of the bag. Measure 1.5 inches from the angled corner points and draw a line across each side of the corner; use scissors to cut along these lines. Repeat this process with all four corners of both bag and lining pieces.
  6. Match and Sew the Seams for the Boxed Bottom: With right sides together, pin one corner seam on the bag piece and one corner seam on the lining piece. Sew around with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Repeat this process for all four corners of both bag and lining pieces.
  7. Sew the Lining Closed: With wrong sides together, sew across the top edge of the lining leaving an opening large enough to thread your drawstring through.
  8. Thread the Cording Through the Channels: Cut two cords that are twice as long as your bag is wide. Thread your chosen cord through the drawstring channels on both sides of the bag, using a safety pin to help you guide it through.
  9. Tie the Drawstring Ends: When both ends of each cord exit out of one side of the bag, tie them together in a secure double knot. Pull on both drawstrings to close up the top of your bag. And there you have it – a fully functioning drawstring bag! Congratulations – now you know how to make a drawstring bag!

How do you Make a Mini Drawstring Bag?

Making a mini drawstring bag is a great way to add some style and convenience to your everyday life. With just a few materials and supplies, you can make a beautiful little bag that is perfect for holding small items or giving as gifts. Here are some tips on how to make the perfect mini drawstring bag:

  1. Gather your materials. For this project, you will need fabric for the bag body and lining, a pair of scissors, thread to sew it together, and a drawstring cord or ribbon. 
  2. Cut out two pieces of fabric that are the same size. You can make your mini drawstring bag whatever size you want, but make sure both pieces of fabric are the same size. 
  3. Place the right sides together and pin them in place. Sew around the edges, leaving a small gap for turning it inside out. 
  4. Turn it inside out and press with an iron. Now you have your bag body! 
  5. Make the drawstring casing by folding down one side of the bag about a centimeter from the top and then sew along the edge. Make sure to leave an opening in the middle for drawing the string through later. 
  6. Now it’s time to add your drawstring cord or ribbon. You can either attach two pieces together with a knot, or use one long piece that goes all around the bag twice. 
  7. Feed the cord through the casing, then tie a knot at each end. 
  8. Sew up the gap in the seam and your mini drawstring bag is complete!These bags are great for holding small items like jewelry, cosmetics, or even as eco-friendly produce bags. They also make great gift wrapping or a convenient way to organise items in your purse or luggage. With a little creativity, you can make drawstring bags of different sizes and colors to suit any occasion. So get creative and start making mini drawstring bags today!

What are some tips to make a drawstring bag? 

  1. Gather the materials you need and make sure they are all the same size. 
  2. Pin the two pieces of fabric together, right sides facing each other, and sew around the edges leaving a small gap for turning it inside out. 
  3. Turn the bag inside out, press with an iron and create the drawstring casing by folding down one side of the bag about a centimeter from the top and then sew along the edge. 
  4. Feed the drawstring cord or ribbon through the casing, then tie a knot at each end 
  5. Sew up the gap in the seam and your mini drawstring bag is complete!

What Are The Uses Of A Drawstring Bag?

A drawstring bag is a versatile and useful item to have around the home. They can be used in many different ways, including:

  1. Produce Bags: A drawstring bag is perfect for carrying produce from the grocery store or farmers market. Its small size makes it easy to tuck away into a purse or backpack when not in use.
  2. Gift Wrapping: A drawstring bag can also be used for wrapping gifts. It can easily double as a gift bag and make a quick, attractive present wrap.
  3. For Organising: Drawstring bags are great for storing items like toiletries or clothing, making it easy to keep them all together in one neat package.
  4. In Your Purse: If you need to keep small items like lip balm or spare change organised in your handbag, a drawstring bag can be the perfect solution.
  5. In Luggage: Use a drawstring bag to store items and easily access them when needed. It’s also great for organising dirty clothes and laundry in travel bags.
  6. To Hold Craft Supplies: For crafters and hobbyists, a drawstring bag is an ideal way to store and organise materials like beads, fabric scraps, or knitting needles. With its drawcord closure, you can keep everything contained while keeping it quickly accessible. With so many uses, it’s no wonder the drawstring bag is such a popular item!

Whether you need to store produce, wrap a gift, or hold craft supplies, the drawstring bag is a great choice. Its versatility and convenience make it an essential item for anyone’s home. With its many uses, it won’t be long before your drawstring bag becomes indispensable. So why not get one today and start enjoying the convenience of a drawstring bag in your home.


How Much Fabric Do I Need to Make a Drawstring Bag?

To make a drawstring bag, you will need a rectangle of fabric measuring at least 14 inches by 16 inches. This size is suitable for small-sized drawstring bags, but if you want to make a larger one, you can use a bigger piece of fabric.

How do I keep the opening for the drawstring from getting frayed?

To keep the opening for the drawstring from getting frayed, you can use a serger or an overlock stitch on your sewing machine. This will prevent any loose threads and give a neat finish to your bag.

How to make a drawstring bag shorter?

If you would like to make your drawstring bag shorter, you can reduce the width of the fabric rectangle by an inch or two. This will result in a smaller bag with a more compact drawstring opening.

How to make a drawstring square bottom?

To make a square bottom on your drawstring bag, simply fold the rectangular piece of fabric into two and sew along the two sides. This will create a square bottom for your bag and ensure that it stands upright on its own.

What is the purpose of a drawstring bag?

Drawstring bags are versatile, lightweight, and easy to carry, making them ideal for carrying items such as gym clothes or beach towels. They can also be used as gift bags or for carrying small items around, such as toys.

How do you make a double-pull drawstring bag?

To make a double-pull drawstring bag, you will need two pieces of fabric measuring the same size. Sew the two pieces together along three sides and then insert the drawstrings into the top opening. This will create a bag with two drawstrings that can be pulled from either side.

How to make a drawstring bag with one string in the middle?

To make a drawstring bag with one string in the middle, you will need to cut your fabric into two rectangular pieces. Sew the two pieces together along three sides and insert the drawstring into the top opening. Then sew a vertical seam from the opening to the middle of the bag. This will create a single drawstring in the center of your bag.

Hopefully, these answers have helped you understand how to make and use drawstring bags. With practice, you can create a wide variety of sizes and styles with a drawstring bag. Happy sewing!


Making a drawstring bag is simple and fun, and with a few supplies and some patience, you can make a unique drawstring bag in no time. It’s always satisfying to complete a project with your own two hands and you’ll be proud to show off your beautiful DIY creation that took just one afternoon to make. Who knows; you may even develop an interest for sewing and find yourself creating more masterpieces! Keep in mind that the great thing about DIY projects is being able to customize your creations exactly to your style – so don’t be afraid to get creative and make adjustments when necessary. Whether you have an old fabric lying around or want to venture into tried-and-tested methods, the sky’s the limit! We hope this blog gave helpful advice on making a drawstring bag methodically, allowing anyone of any skill level to craft their own unique masterpiece.


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