About A Peace Treaty

About A Peace Treaty

A PEACE TREATY offers a unique range of exquisite, ethically-crafted accessories and apparel to the luxury fashion sector. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with artisan expertise for an unparalleled level of quality.

A Peace Treaty

A PEACE TREATY was born in 2008 from a testament of friendship between Farah Malik, a Pakistani Muslim and Dana Arbib,a Libyan Jew. Their mission is to promote global unity through ethical fashion by empowering artisans who have been affected by socio-political strife. This exquisite collaboration combines unique techniques with high design quality that can be enjoyed on an international level.

A PEACE TREATY was born when two creative minds, Rome-dwellers Arbib and Malik, crossed paths. Having an admiration for both fashion and cultures of the world that are often overlooked by mainstream media outlets, they wanted to create a platform to connect lovers of style with beautiful pieces from countries such as the Middle East, Asia , South America and Africa. Drawing on their diverse backgrounds — humanitarian upbringing mixed with graphic design along with multimedia campaigns advocating social change — this duo has worked together to provide exquisite artisanal products accessible like never before!

A PEACE TREATY is devoted to preserving and modernizing traditional artisanal techniques through their yearly collections of scarves, jewelry and other hand-crafted items. To achieve this ambitious goal they travel the world – from Pakistan, India and Nepal in Asia; Turkey, Afghanistan in West Asia; Bolivia, Peru & Ecuador in South America all the way up north to USA – collaborating with master artisans that use a variety of ancient processes such as dyeing with natural elements like indigo or mud printing, bone carving & stone setting among many others. Through working closely together these partnerships not only helps preserve some at risk crafts but also brings income generation opportunities back into local communities around the globe.

A PEACE TREATY is revolutionizing the art of village life. By offering a social enterprise approach, they have been able to provide an economic lifeline for families that had seen their small businesses closed or dwindled due to competition with large factory-based manufacturing plants. Their mission also gives hope and opportunity through women’s empowerment by providing work opportunities in villages specifically tailored towards disabled and widowed women – giving them the chance at independent livelihood right within the comfort of home.

A PEACE TREATY has gone from strength to strength since its launch – in addition to designing an exclusive line for Rugby Ralph Lauren and gracing the wardrobes of celebrities like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani; it has also earned praise from institutions such as The White House, World Bank , Parson’s School Of Design, Princeton University. High profile media outlets including Financial Times Forbes Vogue Paris & Good Magazine have also taken notice by covering their story!

A PEACE TREATY products are available to fashionable, cosmopolitan customers around the world. You can find it at luxury stores like Le Bon Marché in Paris and Fenwick in London; or you can explore your options closer to home with Harvey Nichols UAE and Saks Fifth Avenue USA. Of course, there’s always www.apeacetreaty.com for a convenient online shopping experience!

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